Sunday, June 15, 2014

Top 10 Action Dads

Relationships with our Dads both as Men or Woman can often be tricky and difficult things and this is reflected in movies where Dads tend to get a bit of a rough go of it. Initially, while trying to put together a list for Father's Day, I was finding it a little difficult until I went back to the trusty action genre where, while Dads may often not get it exactly right, as we will see, they are always trying their damned hardest against difficult odds.
Here then is our list of the Top 10 Action Dads!

10. Eddie Marino in Vigilante played by Robert Forster
Ok so again he may fail to prevent the death of his child but Eddie does hunt down the Che Guevara look-a-likes responsible (with the help of Fred "The Hammer" Williamson) and gets all violent and revengy on their punk asses.

9. Rama in The Raid 2: Berendal played by Iko Uwais
Although he doesn't get to see his kid very much in this sequel, Rama does get to hear him over the phone when he sneakily calls home, in one of the film's most heart wrenching and beautiful scenes. It's all been terrible luck really as, in order to protect his family, the initially hesitant Rama agrees to a plan which lands him in prison for an, unplanned, period of over 2 years. Still, don't lie, absentee or not, you'd want Rama as your Dad for when the going got rough.

8. John McClane in The Die Hard Franchise played by Bruce Willis
Although in the first 3 films of the famous franchise McClane gets more grief than praise as a father (somewhat unfairly one might add as he is busy saving people and stopping terrorists) in part 4 he saves and wins back his daughter's affection and in part 5 it's his son's turn. Both of them seemed to have been manipulated by their mother into unreasonably hating their father but I guess conflict eventually leads to contentment when they see him kicking ass and taking names.

7. Henry Jones, Sr. in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade played by Sean Connery
Although he might seem to have been an absentee father, more interested in the Grail legend than raising his son, and although he may initially shout at, question and annoy his son when they are reunited; Henry Jones, Sr. is every bit his son's equal in the adventure stakes, eventually and emotionally reconciles with him, is best friends with the legendary Denholm Elliot and played by James 'friggin' Bond!!

6. Damon Macready (Big Daddy) in Kick Ass played by Nicolas Cage
While many may and do question his daughter raising techniques there is no question that he loves his little Hit Girl more than anything. 

5. Det. Ken O'Hara in Bloodmoon played by Gary Daniels
From frolicking on the beach to sort of "saving" her from, what turns out to be, a confetti bomb at the end, Ken O'Hara is a dedicated and Britkicking father.

4. DEA Agent Phil Broker in Homefront played by Jason Statham
With this and SafeStatham showed his softer side by first playing friend and then, in this, father to a young girl. Not that the criminals think he's soft when he beats up and kills anyone who threatens and then kidnaps his daughter. She's hardly a slouch in the fisticuffs stakes either as it is her take down of a brat, belonging to the junky sister of one of the crims, that sets this whole unfortunate ball rolling.

3. John Matrix in Commando played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Another Dad off to save a kidnapped daughter but this time it's Arnie and he's enormous, greased up with enormous weaponry. You get in his way and you're toast and toast is what most people have for breakfast however John Matrix eats green berets for breakfast and right now, he's very hungry!

2. Clifford Worley in True Romance played by Dennis Hopper
In the ultimate act of bad assitude and fatherly love, Clifford Worley buys his son Clarence and his new bride, Alabama, time to escape and pays with his own life but not before delivering one of the finest scenes ever written for the screen opposite the legendary Christopher Walken.

1. Bryan Mills in Taken played by Liam Neeson
Neeson as Mills takes the top spot because despite his daughter being an absolutely annoying, reckless, hair brained, little tit who is indulged by her awful Mum and rich Step Dad, all of whom hate the sensible, stable, hard nut Mills, he still tears Paris a new arse hole and kills a million Albanians just to get her back. Now THAT's a father!

Honourable Mentions
Lincoln Hawk in Over The Top played by Sylvester Stallone
Technically more of a sports, contest, road movie, drama, action film but Hawk is doing it all to get his little boy away from the evil grasps of Robert Loggia even if he has to tear the sleeves off every jacket the kid's got to do it!

Tom Mullen in Ransom played by Mel Gibson
Again this is less of an action film and more of a thriller but still prime 90s Gibbo is going to do whatever he can to get his son back. Except, of course, pay the ransom... which he clearly has.

Hope you liked our list! Happy Father's Day to, the real number one Action Dad, Dr.Action! himself a father to 3 very cool girls and to all you fathers out there who diligently, continually rock with very little praise from your significant others or the world as a whole. 

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