Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Message from the Doc

Welcome Action lovers.

Hello, hello, hello I AM DR.ACTION, and if you are reading this, you will have guessed me and the Kick Ass Kid are venturing into the written word of action. Reviews, news and our thoughts on the greatest movie genre ever. FACT.

I’ve been trying to figure what my first post should be, and really there is no better way to start than telling you why I love this genre so much.
It’s simple right, who doesn’t want to be the lethal highly trained guy, who dispenses with the bad guy’s, say’s a cheesy one liner and saves the day. In the case of The Expendables, is there a better way to do it, than with your mates at your side?

In my eyes thats what action flicks are, a great way for men or women to sit back and cheer on the good guys, and just enjoy yourself. Gunfights, fistfghts, karate chopping and roundhousing kicking onscreen is fun, then afterwards talking about the awesomeness you’ve just witnessed onscreen, or during as our podcast proves.

I seriously love action movies, but I can see the funny side of them, thats why myself and the Kick Ass Kid have such fun recording the podcasts, you should never think we do not fully love and appreciate these gems.
Some have their Rom Coms that bring them closer together and make them aaawwwww.
Well we have action and it brings us together and makes us go YIPPEE-KI-YAY,

So please listen to us, contact us, read our reviews and thoughts, after all, 2013 is the year of action, and if we have anything to do it with, every year after.

from Dr.Action

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